Dean’s word

In the name of Allah and peace be upon the prophet Muhammad
We hereby welcome you to the faculty of dentistry's website, which is one of the latest faculties in UQU; the secretariat issued decree no. 13/47/1428 dated 27/8/1428 hijri to found the faculty of dentistry to be a gate for knowledge and science in dentistry and pioneers in scientific research and centre of modern medical education based on educational outputs that creates an encouraging academic environment for both students and faculty to innovate and excel and to have a role in sponsoring the community in Mecca and serve pilgrims.
student began to study in faculty in dentistry since 1430 Hijri, with 50 students who were the first core of the faculty.
the faculty made su re to preserve hard work since it was founded, hiring the elite of staff members, a distinguished number of chanselors were hired. the cirriculum is to be deceloped to be an innovate cirriculum applying modern education and evaluation methods used worldwide.
as for cooperation with international universities, we have callobrated with the best universities to receive an elite of chancelors to study all academic programs in dentistry in UQU and provide all elements to provide the required academic environment.
and we ask Allah for success.

Dr. Mohammad M. Beyari

Dean of faculty of Dentistry, UQU
  1. Associate professor of Prosthetic Dentistry and Oral Medicine in Umm Alqura University.
  2. Master of Dental Science in Prosthetic Dentistry - London University - England
  3. Clinical Certificate in Oral Medicine and Special Needs - London University - England
  4. Doctor of Philosophy in Oral Medicine - London University - England


Some publications:

  • Beyari MM, Hodgson TA, Cook RD, Kondowe W, Molyneux EM, Scully CM, Teo  CG, Porter SR (2003) Multiple human herpesvirus-8 infection.  J.Infect.Dis. 188, 678-689.
  • Beyari MM, Hodgson TA, Kondowe W, Molyneux EM, Scully CM, Porter SR,  Teo CG (2004) Genotypic profile of human herpesvirus 8 (Kaposi's  sarcoma-associated herpesvirus) in urine. J.Clin.Microbiol. 42,  3313-3316.
  • Beyari MM, Hodgson TA, Kondowe W, Molyneux EM, C Scully, SR Porter, Teo CG (2005) Inter- and intra-person cytomegalovirus infection in Malawian families. J. Med.Virol. 75, 575-582.

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