Academic affairs

Academic affairs


The Bachelor degree program at faculty of dentistry, UQU is has the following features:

  • A program based upon educational outcomes, competencies, and abilities of the dentist (graduate) instead of a program that focuses in the scientific content studied through the academic year.
  • Horizontal Interference and merge between materials, curriculums, and scientific subjects for every academic year.
  •  Vertical Interference and merge of the five academic years (not to mention first prep, year that all medical students attend). Interference is between scientific materials and medical and clinical practice to strengthen connection between basic science and medical and clinical practice.
  • Focus on medical practices based upon enhancing community health instead of practice based upon treating illness.
  •  Focus on integrated practice that handles all health aspects; psychological and physical.
  • Focus in basis of scientific research and community service.
  • Provide elective curriculums to allow the student to follow latest science and technology in dentistry and broaden his mind and personal interests.

Basic educational goals were set putting in consideration all new approaches in dentistry and important expectations and demands of the Saudi and Maccan society and Saudi health care system. A draft was made for the curriculum, then revised and approved by members of the committee.

The adopted curriculum is considered innovative since we apply latest education and evaluation methodology in the world, teaching is not only leading (which is a problem in traditional curriculum in all scientific branches), but it includes many educational opportunities for the student to develop many aspects of his skills, knowledge, and behaviour;

  •   Small and large group teaching
  •     Workshops/seminars
  •  Critical thinking and problem solving sessions
  •    Community-oriented learning
  •  Bed-side and field training
  • Training on simulation
  • Field researches

The innovative teaching method is also linked to a new evaluation method that doesn’t only focus on knowledge and skills of the student but what educational outcome has the student achieved for every subject, hence the variety in evaluation method.



Bachelor of dental surgery (BDS)

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Student activity

“Managing minor projects”, Dr. Khaled Abu Alshamat

Acknowledging the importance self-development and individual and society awareness, dentistry student club of UQU hosted Dr. Khaled Abu Alshamat, Accredited human development coach, who lectured on “managing minor projects”, where he explained basis and requirements of projects whether a scientific or not or in the business field. It’s worth saying that students reacted with the lecture and admired it and we give credit to Allah first, then to Dr. Abu Alshamat with his amazing style.

Development agency of UQU would like to thank Dr. Abu Alshamat for accepting the invitation, as well asl student club members for organizing such an important and useful lecture for the development of skills and abilities of students.


Course schedule

Second year- female students- male students

Third year- female students- male students

Fourth year- female students- male students


Students’ rights unit

Faculty of dentistry UQU

Students’ rights unit was founded due to the faculty’s belief of the importance of creating a perfect environment where student have all rights to innovate and be part of building in a faculty worth them. This unit is a result of transparency policy the faculty adopted since 1431 Hijri by creating an electronic form at faculty website and faculty Facebook page to receive all suggestions and complaints anonymously. This was followed by the faculty’s initiative to nominate a student representative in faculty council to participate in decision making and keep students informed and convey full image to his colleagues and also convey to the council all student expectations and hopes.

And we go on to achieve all strategic goals of the faculty of dentistry focusing on quality of administration and education to achieve high standard faculty outcomes. It’s worth saying that the faculty is on the verge of finalizing executive regulations of student council of faculty of dentistry by the beginning of the academic years 1432-1433 Hijri which enhance official communication faculty administration to highlight problems facing students and hence, set suggested solutions. The council will also plan and implement student activities whether academic or not.


For student right’s unit of faculty of dentistry at UQU to be a modern model to protect student’s rights and build a perfect academic environment with mutual respect resulting from student doing their duties.


Justice and equality prevails in faculty of dentistry at UQU.


Investigate and decide on student complaints

Provide consultations to students concerning academic and non-academic problems related to faculty.

Make students aware of their rights and how to get them by reverting to legitimate and formal channels of the university.

Support students on basis that conform to regulations enforced in university.

Make students aware of their duties and consequences of infringement.


Protection of student rights: investigates complaints of students and forward it to His Excellency the dean.

Disciplinary committee: forward student infringement to His Excellency the dean to forward to student affairs.


Examination schedules for first term

Male students

Male student’s second year final exam schedule

Male student’s third year final exam schedule

Male student’s fourth year final exam schedule

Female students

Female student’s second year final exam schedule

Female student’s third year final exam schedule

Female student’s fourth year final exam schedule