Clinical affairs

An obligatory year the graduate dentist spends in learning clinical skills needed for practice.
The program aims to enable the student of the following:
1.    Develop his clinical abilities
2.    Design and implement different treatment plans in the field if dentistry under medical supervision.
3.    Evaluate medical condition of the patient in reference with anticipated treatment.
4.    Enhance self-confidence in dealing with patients on the practical and professional level.
5.    Team work and respect all specialities involved
6.    Commit to ethics of practice
7.    Commit to health facility regulations to which he belongs or work for.
8.    Develop leadership and administrative skills.

None Saudi

Bachelor of science in dentistry from an acknowledged university from higher education ministry

Supervision request accredited from higher education

Authorized approval from training and delegations at ministry of health, and higher education in addition to fees requested by ministry

Pass a written exam with grade 60% or more

The student is allowed to retake the written exam

Pass personal interview with grade 60 or more

Copy of graduation certificate and academic record authenticated from :

University for KSA universities

Ministry of higher education for universities outside KSA

Copy of graduation certificate and academic record authenticated from :

University for KSA universities

Ministry of higher education or council of university’s country for universities outside KSA

An ID valid for not less than 6 months

Two ID photos

Spend an internship of 6 month in Mecca

Commit to training program available at clinical affairs unit all year, no modifications allowed

Admittance is semi-annual for both male and female students applying for supervision

Connection with clinical affairs is a must during training

Acquire the appropriate evaluation, not less than 60%

Section one: definitions:
Internship: an obligatory year an inter spend in training after graduation from faculty of dentistry of UQU at specialized clinics of faculty of dentistry at UQU, and university, governmental, and military hospitals under supervision of clinical affairs agency, which is an integral part of bachelor degree program at faculty dentistry.
University: Umma Alqurra, Mecca
Faculty: faculty of dentistry, Umma Alqurra university.
Dean: dean of faculty of dentistry, UQU.
Intern: student who studied dentistry at a university inside or outside KSA authenticated by ministry of higher education in order to get a bachelor of science in dentistry.
Hospital: one of university, government, or military hospitals that intern is forwarded to by dean.
Section two: training
Priority training in dentistry clinics is given to students with higher grades; they receive training for 12 months with rounds on all divisions.
The intern’s training is divided into two terms, 6 months each; six months in clinics of faculty of dentistry at UQU under supervision of faculty members in different divisions, and the other six months spent in a governmental or military hospital.
The intern is trained during internship on four periods divided as follows:
  •  Basic and clinical oral sciences division: 3 month training where the intern spends a month in each speciality; gum diseases, treatment of oral disease, and oral radiology)
  • Teeth protection division: 3 month training where the intern spends a month in each speciality; orthodontics, paediatric dentistry, and community dentistry).
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery and diagnosis: 4 month training where the intern spends a month in each speciality; Oral and maxillofacial surgery, prosthodontics, and dental implants.
  • Protective treatment and correction division: : 2 month training where the intern spends a month in each speciality; root canal treatment and protective and corrective treatment.
  • The intern has the right to spend his internship outside KSA in authenticated hospitals and science academies with consent from dean as per recommendation from clinical affairs with no financial liability towards faculty or university.
Section three: training periods
Training period for graduate students is a year divided into two periods;
a)    First period: begins in August
b)   Second period: begins in October.
Training period for graduate from outside UQU divided into two periods;
a)    First period: begins in February
b)   Second period: begins in September.
An intern can forward an excuse to postpone his internship with consent from dean for not more than 6 months, provided that training begins as shown above.
Section four: leaves
An intern has 15 days leaves per period, and can’t be taken in one period except with consent of department head and dean as per recommendation of clinical affairs.
Section five: training course:
  • An intern must complete a “basic life support” course
  •  An intern may attend one training course during department training provided that it doesn’t exceed 3 days and provide proof of attendance.
  • An intern has to present and participate in training course and conventions held at faculty of dentistry at UQU during his internship.
Section six: shifts and attendance
An intern must abide to timings according to schedule of each department according to executive department plan.
An intern must cover all shifts required from him by department and continues to work till the next day and never leaves the hospital unit end of shift or consent of department head.
Section seven: change of training time and location
  • An intern can’t change time and location of training except with consent of dean as per recommendation of clinical affairs and consent of department head to which the intern wishes to relocate, and according to executive plan of each department without detriment to no, of interns in each department. Relocation requests for special cases are reviewed provided that it’s submitted to clinical affairs six weeks before beginning of training.
  •  In case of relocation without notifying the university, the dean issues a decree as per recommendation of clinical to repeat training
  • The hospital reserves the right to change the intern’s training period according to department’s needs after notifying clinical affairs.
  • The training entity reports the intern level to dean using an evaluation form authenticated by university and attached with direction letter.
  • It the intern got a “no satisfactory” report (less than 60%, the dean, as per clinical affairs recommendations, determines period of retraining in another hospital as end of internship.
  • Reports during internship are confidential and the intern can view it but not allowed to have a copy of it or deliver to university in hand.
Section eight: intern responsibilities
  • Ensure provided care conform to consultant doctor’s plan.
  • Ensure continuity of planning and provide care to his patients during their stay in the hospital.
  • Know all rules and work regulations follow them, and abide to good manners during his stay in the hospital.
  •  Be present according to approved schedule, and doesn’t modify unless in an orderly way, approved by department head.
  •  Participate in follow up and evaluation of medical service and document with human resources department.
  •  Attend all periodical meetings for department to discuss methods of treatment, complications, and all related matters.
  • Know all his medical team and abide to rules and work regulations including health and occupational safety, and security of information.
  • Ensure professional progress of his performance by attending and participating in occupational, practical and field training.
  • Participate in continuous education for medical team members fully for patients of department.
  •   Intern must treat a no. of advanced cases assigned to them (by department) under supervision of faculty member, and deliver before leaving department and also assist faculty members in big operations inside surgery and do all necessary researches as per executive department plan.
Section nine: general
  • An intern must follow all rules and regulations of the hospital where he works.
  • In case of infringement, the dean must be notified who in turn suspends the intern for renewable fifteen days for investigation, provided that he compensates suspension period after end of internship.
  • If an intern is absent for three days or more without notification, the dean must be notified to take necessary procedures.
  • The dean has the right, as per clinical affairs recommendations, to cancel supervision of interns in case of breakage with no reasonable cause or infringement to rules and regulations of university.
  • UQU disciplinary code is applied to interns.
Section ten: end of internship
Faculty of dentistry at UQU grants the intern who finishes his training period a certificate of completion authenticated from dean after passing evaluation test, then grants him his graduate certificate in Bachelor of Science in dentistry.
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