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Lecture titled the Small Business Administration

In terms of the importance of developing self-awareness and the individual and the community club hosted student at the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Umm Al Qura Human Development Certified Trainer Dr. Khaled Abu moles.

And Dr. Abu moles students a lecture entitled "Small Business Administration" where he explained to students the foundations and needs to do a project, whether the project scientific or unscientific, or in the business sector.

It is worth mentioning the interaction of students with lecture and admiration due to reconcile God first and then what distinguishes Dr. Aboachammat of interesting and fun style in the IPO and smooth delivery of information.

And advancing development agency altogether thanks to Dr. Abualchamat to accept hosting also like to thank the members of the student club for organizing this important and useful lecture to develop the skills and abilities of students.