Academic Mentoring

Academic Mentoring

Academic mentors serve as role models for students engaged in the learning process. While tutoring is often included in the function of an academic mentor, the responsibilities go far beyond simple instruction outside the classroom. An academic mentor will provide a positive example in attitude, serve as a counselor and confidant to the student, and ensure the student takes advantage of all resources that are available to help with the learning process.

The purpose of Academic Mentoring is to support the professional development of academics in their careers and to promote excellence in teaching and learning, research and academic leadership.

An Academic Office Mentoring Committee has been established to oversee the process and to support both Mentors and Mentees.

An academic mentor assigned to a student by the academic office in order to successfully pursue a course of study. At the heart of the process of effective mentoring is the relationship with the student. This involves assessing the current level of knowledge held by the student, as well as evaluating study habits and identifying any impediments to the learning process that may be present.

Once the academic mentor has a basic understanding of the skills a given student has, it is possible to tailor the tutoring process so that those skills are used to best advantage. At the same time, the academic mentor will attempt to broaden the range of that skill set by encouraging the development of additional skills. For example, the mentor may discover the student is comfortable with researching online, but is unfamiliar with conducting research in a traditional library setting. While making use of the student’s ability to use the Internet effectively, the academic mentor will tutor the student in how to locate reference materials in the library using a card catalog.

The academic mentor will also make sure the student is aware of any on campus resources that may prove helpful in the learning process.
Along with serving as a tutor and making sure the student is aware of access to all available learning tools, the academic mentor will also actively set an example of productive learning and solid study habits.