The Academic Office Work

Dear Colleagues,


The Academic Office represents the most critical point-of-contact for all students and staff at UQUDENT. Our role is primarily organizing the components and parts of the academic activities to make the best use of the available facilities. Good communication is a key for success in academic activities. Planning and organization are also very important tasks to be achieved. In our point of view, management of edcuation is probaby as imortant as the actual knowledge, subject contents and learning material.


A System for management of education was established through participation of many staff at UQUDENT. This product is a result of a huge work done by the Academic Office Team at UQUDENT. Special thanks to the primary team that has been working continuesly in this project through out 2 years of meetings and discussions. Many thanks to all staff members at UQUDENT who participated in this project as well.


Dr. Raid Jastania, FRCPC

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs


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